The arrival of plug-in hybrid cars forever changed the auto industry. Ford delivered the Fusion Energi to the market, and consumers responded. The vehicle's popularity ranks high among hybrid models. The tech features associated with the Fusion Energi play a significant role in the demand.

Sometimes, the road becomes darker than we imagined. Turning on the high beams lets you deal with the problem. Taking your hands off the wheels isn't optimal, though. And drivers do forget to turn the high beams off once they are out of a hazard zone. The Fusion Energi's auto high-beam headlamps employ smart technology to perform on/off steps for you.

The lane-keeping system also supports safe driving. The smart feature scans lane lines and more to send an alert if you begin to drift. And you don't want to drift while losing your attention to the road.

All the many tech features come to life when you go on a test drive in Denison. At Blake Utter Ford, we'll set you up with a Fusion Energi test run.


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