Life is busy. You are cramming for an assignment while cooking dinner, washing clothes and making sure the house is orderly. Life never seems to get a break, and a massive part of your busy life is the vehicle that drives from place to place. A popular compact SUV around the country is the Ford Escape. Plenty of features show how ready and capable the automobile is.

Ready For You

There's nothing worse than a vehicle that doesn't perform. One has the option to have an intelligent four-wheel-drive system installed in their Escape to push through any path. Geographical conditions can be scary, but drivers are put at ease as the system assists with handling. AdvancTrac comes standard in the Escape.

The engineers at Ford assuredly planned around safety when offering AdvanTrac--something that assists with helping you maintain control of the automobile in dicey driving conditions. Take a test drive to become a witness for yourself in the Escape at Blake Utter Ford.



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