Car shoppers in need of a larger vehicle often find the Ford Flex, a popular 3-row midsize SUV, a great fit. Generally, drivers who enjoy SUVs and similar larger vehicles also want as much new technology as possible. The Ford Flex will not disappoint you because it’s filled with various technology features. If you would like more info, come to Blake Utter Ford.

With Ford Co-Pilot360™ technology, there is very little you’ll have to do by yourself because it offers driver-assist features that do all sorts of things, such as help you park, monitor your blind spot, stay in your own lane and much more. Smart phone capability also allows you to connect your smart phone to the Flex and use your phone’s apps while driving.

We would love to have you stop at our Denison shop and test drive the Ford Flex. Bring your family along so you’ll see how much space and technology the Flex has to offer.


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